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Residential Security

For Residential Security you may get a prominent difference only with us don’t take a risk for your residence by taking any other as your home is the best part of your world. We understand what you require better than others. So provide the security at its best level. We  assure you  and  your  family the  latest  technology along  with  us to keep you  secure and  sound. 

We keep your home always safe in you’re a presence and absence or in all condition. You may get your rich experience with our competent team of professionals, executed by proficient that ensure to comprehend the assorted requirements.

Retail Security

For retail security, we offer our professional services to decide, what level of protection your store requires.
There is an expert team of retail security consultants who are precisely trained to recognize the risky situation that put your assets in danger. We have got approach that is customized unique and favorable to your business, our team will create a loss prevention program that not only sheds light on where losses are occurring but also distinguishes and dissuades future losses from taking place. Retail security guards are also focused to their work.   

They always making sure that the customer’s shopping experience should be safe and pleasant.

Corporate Security

We provides quality and customized Corporate Security services for you. Employee, client and visitor safety is supreme quality of success. That’s why we hire only those security guards, who meet a superior standard of alertness. Their proficiency that guarantees a level of defense that will preserve your commercial success. 

You accomplish an office building, shopping mall or a hotel, the security of your staff and security is must to increase volumes of your business. Our Security Services provides office building security guards & maintain a professional manner. That is very much helpful in creating a secure environment for businesses and your employees, clients and visitors. Our security guards promote a welcoming gestures and postures with great care to face the emergency danger within an authoritative order.

VIP Security

VIP security is given by our guards, they facilitate you at every level so keep your standard up by having this service. You  need  personal guard at any level you are  minister or politician or any  business tycoon no matter  you  would not  be able to  get  good  protection  more than  that  what we are  providing. 

VIP security protection include celebrities, politicians, worthies, and business Executives may also need at  any  time for  long  or  short  time .include those who have had some sort of danger  from  any  one We provide security. Those security personnel that offer VIP protection are indeed highly-skilled and highly-experienced individuals

Door Supervisor

We are providing highly skilled and proficient guards and Door supervisor with pleasant personality that people feel convenient to approach. On other hand they are authoritative to stop someone. Door supervisor, lives in particular position to keep the situation in their hand. They have trained for good judgment power in intervening the situation correctly and acting properly. 

They have good communication skills to tackle the people. Their honest attitude   make every one friendly to them. They know how to behave in worst condition.  Our healthy, agile and physically reliable to defense officers increase the value of your place with  sensibility.     

CCTV Security

Our CCTV security take control of all activities. CCTV cameras, monitors and recorders all are directly connected to provide immediate access to security footage. Watch live streams of whatever the camera is recording. They have increased safety for you, your employees and your customers is likely a top priority, and a CCTV camera can help achieve that. Our guards are having camera on their shoulders, the activities of our guards are watched and checked continuously from control room.

Responsive Mobile Petrol

Response mobile Patrol In the event of any alarm activation, false or genuine London tiger will provide the customer with a full written report. In the event of any alarm activation Secured Security Group will liaise with emergency services and any other call-out services required. During silent hours Mobile patrols are mainly effective. There focus is on weekends, and statutory holidays. 

This service provides customers with an extra restrictive against burglary, vandalism. Fire, flood, and other emergencies including power failures are also in their working plan. London tiger’s offers alarm response services with mobile patrols. They work for peace of mind knowing that alarm activations are responded to in a highly efficient manner.

Static Guards

Our guards undertake a tough training and selection process to ensure their suitability to the role. They are not common people but they are to protect them. They are able to give a clear view of their skills, and training and proving the ideal guard for every situation. To ensure you are getting guards of the highest standard the following should be checked:

Sight the guard’s security licence and check it is current. We confirm guards experience with the company about the training required to be employed. So, they know how to stop theft of company property, material or intellectual and Report/help prevent potential damage, such as fire or trip hazards.

Events Security

Our guards are extra vigilant in maintaining crowds and keeping event goes, Their security approach for event greatly hang on the type of crowd. Get a London security service. For properly screening ticket holders, workers and entertainers safe, they are more capable to secure in Challenging situations. 

Hire our professional team as you know the threat to public operations could not only damage schedules but often repute. Make yourself safe from a major disaster, with extreme diligence. Our team are better in every aspect than common guards and they know the security regulations.Get the best staff to prove yourself best in front of public.

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